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Join Our Teaching Staff


Interested in becoming involved with TMV at the teaching level? We would  love to hear from you!


For all prospective instructors, please submit the following information in a PDF document to


  • A brief bio of yourself

  • Contact information (phone number and email)

  • Your qualifications

  • Syllabus including:

    • Description of the course you’d like to teach

    • Goals and objectives of the proposed course

    • Minimum of 8 detailed lesson plans

    • If proposed course is progressive, provide additional syllabus information for continuing beyond the first 8 weeks

  • Your available teaching days and times

  • What age groups are you comfortable teaching?

  • What age groups would you like to offer classes to at The Music Village?

  • At least one professional reference


Please note: We need all of the above information in a printable PDF document before moving on to a background check.


Our teaching staff is made up of both volunteers and paid staff. Please let us know if this is a volunteer opportunity for you or if you are interested in a paid position. We happily work with both!

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