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Writing with Pen


Songwriting: Theory and Practice

In this course, beginner-level students will be introduced to the basic structures and concepts of lyrical songwriting, as well as practical approaches to writing their own lyrics, melodies, and simple arrangements. Though focused on the more popular genres of modern music, the course will touch upon the historical development of lyrical songwriting, as well as the similarities and differences between common and more specialized genres. Students will be encouraged to keep a lyric journal, with a goal of completing the course with a finished song consisting of lyrics, melody, and a basic arrangement.


For intermediate and advanced students, there will be a shift in focus to a more personalized approach as the individual begins to discover and develop their own creative voice and areas of interest. Continuing education in this course will also include:

  • a greater exposure to different musical genres and categories of songs;

  • a deeper examination of song structures, rhyme schemes, meters, etc.;

  • the importance and development of layered hooks;

  • writing and arranging for an album, as well as for a band;

  • Songwriting as a business (Overview of publishing, PROS, royalties, etc.);

  • and much more.

Please note: The ability to sing or play a musical instrument, while helpful, is not a prerequisite for this course.

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