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2018 was a pivotal year for TMV. We relocated to a new facility at 333 South Michigan Street, thereby tripling our capacity for core programming: music lessons and classes, jams, dance, on-site cultural events, and special needs enrichment. After an 18 month-long process that included an interim location, our community musical arts center and school is now more accessible, visible, and better positioned to Build Community Through Music!

In addition to relocation, we celebrated momentum and milestones in other ways during 2018, including:


  • Enrollment growth: 55% increase. Today, we serve 165 students (average) each month. In addition, we reach over 350 individuals monthly via partnerships and programming within our community. 

  • Community impact: TMV is engaged in 34 active partnerships with regional organizations of all kinds, such as St. Joseph and Elkhart county schools, Center for the Homeless, Forever Learning Institute, Boys & Girls Clubs, assisted living facilities, museums, libraries, theatres, and universities. 

  • New and expanding initiatives: Girls Rock Michiana launched in July; Common Denominators (STEM+music program in collaboration with Notre Dame) served over 200 students in and after school; in-house music therapy services were established; TMV became the homebase for SING! Michiana.

  • Jams: The Music Villagers logged more than 100 hours of community performances across the region, for a combined 855 hours of donated time and talent. Weekly attendance at both Acoustic and Ukulele jams increased more than 30%, on average.

  • Scholarships: For the first time, TMV offers tuition assistance for students demonstrating need, thanks to a generous donation from the Wilson family in August 2018.


And 2019? TMV’s future is brighter than ever, thanks to people like you. It is through the generosity of donors, volunteers, musicians, and community music enthusiasts that TMV continues to thrive. Indeed, we rely on your investment in The Music Village – your enthusiasm, talent, time, energy, and funds – to continue to expand our impact and realize our mission: Building Community Through Music.


We invite you to make an investment in The Music Village. Your gift is MOMENTOUS to TMV: it is significant and of great impact on the future vibrancy of the musical arts in our community. 

Momentous: “Of great importance or significance, especially in its bearing on the future.”

If you prefer to mail your donation, please use

PO Box 11004/South Bend/IN/46634


One of the core values here at The Music Village is the belief that every child and adult deserves access to a high quality education. We are committed to providing that opportunity to all our current and future prospective students. The Music Village is always receptive to support from the South Bend community, which helps us provide an exceptional learning experience for our students.

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