Children's Music Specialist

Wendelyn has been singing since she was two, and music has always played a huge role in her life. She used music in her early childhood classrooms to teach, comfort, support, and bring more joy to the day. With an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education, over 20 years of experience teaching, and experience presenting music workshops to local childcare facilities, as well as State and University level Early Childhood Conferences, she is always looking for ways to add music to the community.


Guitar and Music Theory

Dave is an award-winning graduate of the McNally Smith College of Music. He has over twenty years of guitar instruction experience in a variety of styles including rock, jazz, heavy metal, pop, etc. He has almost thirty years of experience with ensemble playing as a professional in the local area. Additional teaching skills include music transcription and theory.

Joce Dugan


Joce Dugan is a classically trained pianist and teacher. She has over 20 years of piano playing experience and has completed 3 years of Suzuki Piano teacher training. She briefly studied jazz composition at Columbia College in Chicago and is now teaching various genres extending outside of jazz and classical.


Her teachings include ear training, music theory, improvisation, songwriting, music composition, and performance.


She teaches beginner and intermediate piano for children and adults of all ages. She loves to inspire her students and help them develop skills that work the absolute best with their own personal learning processes.


Her goal is to create not only amazing piano students but life long musicians. She helps her students build life long skills that will help throughout many moments in life. 




Mike graduated from The Ohio State University in 1993 with a bachelors degree in fine arts, jazz studies performance.  There he studied under the instruction of Tom Carrol, Hank Marr, and Gary Carney.  He also attended Easton School of Music jazz workshop summer program in 1990 and 1991 under the instruction of Gene Bertoncini.

He has performed with Roger Williams, The Fifth Dimension, CJ Chenier, The Stone City Band,  The Flex Crew, and many others. He also formed his own groups, Cellovision, Oneunder, and Shinebox , each group recording an album/cd of original music. Mike has also been hired as a studio guitarist at Thornapple and (blank)studios.

He gave guitar instruction/lessons at Music go Round in 1997-99.  Since then he has given private instruction/lessons. He currently resides in South Bend where he has performed with Buddy Pearson, Darrel Tidebeck, Linsay Kelly, Arthur Schroeder,  Don Lerman,  and others.



Bruce Morrow brings to The Music Village a lifetime of experience teaching and performing on the violin. Bruce was born and raised in South Bend where he began his violin studies at the age of 8. In 1980 he received a Master of Music in Violin Performance from Indiana University – Bloomington where he studied with Franco Gulli and Henryk Kolwalski. After graduating he was appointed concertmaster of the New York Harlem Opera Ensemble orchestra, with whom he toured Europe, performing nearly 200 performances of the George Gershwin opera Porgy and Bess. He then spent four years playing opera in Austria as a member of the Graz Philharmonic Orchestra. After returning to South Bend, Bruce performed with a number of regional orchestras, maintained a small teaching studio, and eventually found himself managing the String Instrument division of The Woodwind and the Brasswind.  For the past seventeen years Bruce worked for the violin workshop of William Harris Lee & Co., while he continued teaching and performing in the South Bend area. Bruce has recently retired from William Harris Lee & Co. to devote all of his time and energy teaching violin and viola. 

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Guitar, Bass, Double Bass and Ukulele

Buddy offers private, and group class instruction for beginning or advanced electric and upright bass. Playing and teaching lessons for over 20 years, Buddy offers a wealth of “know how” in terms of technique, reading music, playing with others, playing various music styles, and much more.





Mike started playing guitar and keyboard in his early teens, and started playing in rock “garage” bands shortly after. Thirty years ago he heard John Hartford and Earl Scruggs play the banjo and knew he had found his instrument! He has played banjo and guitar in country and bluegrass bands, and has taught private lessons on guitar and banjo for the past 20 years. Adding to his teaching experience, Mike has long tutored CAD/CAM operators in the tool and die trade. Mike remembers what it’s like to not know the subjects he teaches and relates well to his students, modifying his lessons to accommodate different learning styles. Most importantly, he makes sure he and the students have fun while they’re learning. Mike combines his passions as a CAD/CAM designer and banjo picker in an exciting line of innovative, premium quality banjo accessories. You can check out his accessories by visiting


Bill Schmitt is a media consultant who served on the communications staff at Notre Dame for 14 years. He and his family moved to South Bend after he practiced journalism and taught college-level journalism on the East Coast. He's a contributor to The Music Village who has become active in the gigs of the Tuesday night Jammers, He previously held writing and editorial management posts at journalism organizations in New York and Washington, DC.

Music has accompanied him throughout his life - starting with more than ten years of accordion lessons on Long Island and participation in that school's virtuoso accordion band and now reviving with gusto as he plays with his "Virtual Accordion".




As a Piano Performance major I have been privileged to study under several accomplished

artists in their own right.  And whether you are a young 6 year old student or an adult who's

never had a lesson, I can provide the correct foundation to accomplish your goal in the

world of piano.  

The piano is one of the most complete instruments, and I can provide repertoire that would

suit those who want to concentrate on Pop playing but also be exposed to a very special

world of Classical music and everything in between!  Notation, sight-reading, and rhythm

building skills on each successive lesson will advance the student to a level of playing for enjoyment or also putting together a very complex puzzle which classical music offers.  Familiar tunes in various keys give confidence to every student.  Each and every student who studies with me is very important to me as an individual and it is a relationship of the highest level as we communicate through music. 

 I always include imagination and creativity in my teaching drawn from a lifetime.  We learn from each other and this new generation shows me things as well as something very special from me introducing them, as I was, to musical repertoire as well as outstanding artists and performers who inspired me to excel.  My students are amazed at what they can do.  

The highlight so far in being at The Music Village for a few years now was a particular young man of a graduate-level in one of our local educational institutions who came to me indeed with a gift but could not sight-read.  It was the biggest thrill for me after 1 year to sit back and watch and listen to his ability to perform every note on the page as composer intended with full musicality, technique, and interpretation.  It brought tears to my eyes, and these are the moments a teacher treasures.  I'm sure people have heard laughter coming from my studio during lesson time.  Sometimes funny things come up in a musical piece or something that I can share as an interesting illustration. 

 Music is all about living in the moment and it can be magical.




Lyric tenor Michael Snyder graduated from the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music at The Catholic University of America, in Washington, D.C., where he earned a Bachelor of Music degree, with a concentration in vocal performance. 


After graduating from CUA, he studied English repertoire, in the United Kingdom, with Robert Tear, Eric Crozier, and Nancy Evans. He sings most everything from Bach to Broadway.

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"As my Mom puts it, I have loved the drums since I knew what one was….I grew up in the South Bend area, got my first drum set, a Sears catalog kids set, when I was 5 as a Christmas gift. Started in school band at Walt Disney Elementary, played in The Penn High School Marching Band & Concert Band and studied drums with Russ Hunt & Ron Hull. I have played with many gigging bands, have done studio work, radio promo spots and I currently do a TV show The Groovesmith on the PAM channel as well as gig with the band Hey Annie."

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Melinda Wesolowski


Melinda is a certified Musik Garten Instructor and Piano instructor.